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The original ARTE CUCINA

       Introducing the ARTE CUCINA elegant line of kitchen cabinets, offering modern Italian design, high quality construction and value for money.   Manufactured using high-tech processes and quality materials, ARTE CUCINA cabinets offer salient features very much appreciated by our customers:


   * Carcase constructed of treated chip-boards allowing better resistance against moisture and humidity

   * Special melamine laminate cabinet surfaces proving to be longer lasting and enduring

   * Cabinet boards joined by 8 millimeter (mm) beech dowels ensuring sturdy and durable connections

   * Fast clip-on hinges allowing easy cabinet door removal and re-attachment within seconds to facilitate full access and cleaning of

     cabinet interior

   * High quality plastic legs enhancing cabinet appearance while protecting chip-boards from getting wet

   * Choice of over a hundred colours and patterns of surface laminates to match or blend in with any kitchen design/style

   * Large array of accessories and appliances to supplement the cabinets ensuring convenience and integrated functional versatility


   Various mix-and-match combinations can be chosen to ensure a close fit with any unique design that you may have contemplated.

If you are interested in learning more about the ARTE CUCINA product line and its salient features, please visit any of our KBL showrooms or call us on +852 3998 4200, our professional staff will be more than happy to help you with all the relevant details.



      This is our datum point, a particular and protective place, where we come back many times every day to recover strength before starting daily activities.

The production of high quality, perfect attention to details and materials research, innovation and supply chain able to customize every inch of the home environment for excellence, The vaules of a long tradition, expressed in productive efficiency and creativity of inventions that defy the market.

The pleasure of being the largest, is never to be comparable to remain the same. We continue to grow in the same places where born with the same idea and product with the same partners, extend family and a network of companies grown with us.


KBL (HK) Limited

       KBL (HK) Ltd. supplies kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets and wardrobes, cabinetry related metal and electrical parts/accessories, as well as electrical appliances and installation services.

We carry a full range of products, including our best-selling Italian melamine doors, Italian acrylic doors, lacquer doors, anti-grease and anti-fingerprint glass doors, as well as wood veneer doors.  We retail and wholesale built-in electrical appliances of more than 20 brands, and also the German “VS” kitchen accessories, “LG” 100% acrylic solid surface material, “Brilliant” solid surface material, the Italian “SERVETTO®” closet accessories, and the “Everpure” water purifiers… etc.

The management team of KBL has close to 2 decades of experience in the trade of kitchen cabinetry and also interior design projects. The experienced KBL support team provides our customers with one-stop professional services, including product supply, interior design and cabinet installation. Customer satisfaction is our Priority Number 1.


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